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ACMBS-VIII will deal with all aspects of research, applications and monitoring of advanced composite materials and fibre reinforced polymers in the design, construction and rehabilitation of bridges and other structures. Topics of the conference will include but are not limited to:

  • Material behaviour including bond, durability, fatigue and long-term performance
  • Fabrication, processing and testing methods for straight regular and bent bars
  • Analysis and design of concrete structures internally reinforced with FRP bars
  • Applications in structural concrete with or without prestressing
  • Applications in wood, masonry and steel structures
  • Strengthening and rehabilitation of structures
  • Seismic performance of internally and externally FRP reinforced concrete structures
  • Structural health monitoring and intelligent sensing
  • Fire resistance
  • Structural shapes and fully composite systems
  • Bond development and splice length of FRP bars
  • Anchorage systems, connections and innovative structural systems
  • Full-scale testing, field applications, and case studies
  • Codes and standards
  • Recycling, sustainability and life-cycle costs


Internationally recognized experts in the fields of FRP and ACM and their applications in bridges and structures will deliver keynote lectures on key topics of the conference including innovative design, durability, strengthening and rehabilitation, structural health monitoring, and future directions.

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